RadSwan is the conscious beauty and lifestyle brand built with and for the Global African Diaspora. 

Formerly known as Big Hair No Care, we are coming back as the best version of ourselves: RadSwan, a lifestyle brand bringing a new perspective on blackness through hair, by disrupting the synthetic market with innovative and sustainable products. 

RadSwan aims to upscale the direct-to-consumer experience holistically, by having connected conversations around culture and identity, in order to remove the roots of stigma. Our ability to connect, engage and co-work (brand name, design) with our customers allows us to continually innovate and cater to their needs.

RadSwan is determined to transform the synthetic hair game. This hair is 0% human hair and still looks and feels like the real thing, without negotiating on the price, quality or persona. We also aim to democratise the global market by helping black women take back control of their own narrative

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